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Why is Surrogacy so Expensive?

Many couples are shocked at the financial requirements when they enter into a surrogacy arrangement. Many couples wonder: “Why is it so costly?” This is a way for agencies and surrogates to price parenthood. Is this a way for surrogates and agencies to make a profit? Learn more.
Surrogacy agencies are not likely to try to trick or gouge you for their fees. Surrogacy agencies charge fees, but they don’t go directly to the surrogate or agency.

Many people want to start families but are unable because of medical reasons. Some people choose to adopt, while others turn to surrogacy. Surrogacy can be expensive. Many people who research it are shocked at how much it costs. It is surprising, especially when you consider that there is no guarantee that surrogacy will succeed the first time. Sometimes, it takes several attempts before a couple can have parenthood via surrogacy.

Ask the agency where the money is going so that you have a better understanding about what you’re paying.

The following is a list listing the typical expenses for a surrogacy agreement:

Agency Fee Part of your costs is paying the agency. The agency plays an important role. They make sure that all procedures and processes are properly implemented throughout the surrogacy process. They work with different professionals, such as lawyers and doctors. They ensure that money is paid to all professionals and that all paperwork is filed and created correctly to ensure a successful surrogacy arrangement. A lot of agencies ensure open communication between surrogate mothers and intended parents.
Attorney Fees You are responsible for paying the surrogate mom’s attorney fees. To avoid conflicts of interest, the surrogate mother should have separate representation. To ensure you fully understand the terms and expectations in any situation, you should have an attorney review any contract you sign before you sign it.
Insurance Payments The surrogate mom must have an insurance policy. This can be an existing policy or one purchased before the surrogacy. A portion of the fee goes towards the payment of insurance premiums or deductibles.
Payment to Surrogate- Many places have the right to pay the surrogate mother. The amount will vary depending on where you live. A repeat surrogate may be offered higher compensation if she has shown her dedication to being a surrogate. She did everything she could to make sure the safety and health of the unborn child. She demonstrated this by being punctual, communicating well and taking the necessary medications to ensure that the pregnancy was viable. Recurrent surrogates who have had their own children understand surrogacy and why they do it. They are not doing it to make money but to help couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.
Medications There are many medications involved in making a surrogacy arrangement successful. These medications include hormones that help surrogates prepare for pregnancy. To ensure that her eggs are ready for transfer, the doctor may prescribe medications to the intended mother. These costs are borne by the intended parents.
IVF Experts – Surrogacy is a practice that involves doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists. Before, during, and after a pregnancy, it is important to have appointments, follow-ups, and consults.