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Mini Storage Auction – Do’s and Don’ts

Many people find that selling complete ZH Brilliant Storage contents on an auction site is a good way to make money. The idea is to buy the entire contents, then split it up and resell it for profit.

A mini storage auction is when someone hasn’t paid their mini storage bill for several months. The mini storage unit owner will contact the contents owner to inform them that they are being auctioned off unless they pay the bill. It will depend on the contents of the mini storage unit and their personal finances at that time. This can determine whether or not the auction takes place.

To be successful in mini storage auctions, you will need to call the place before the auction starts. Make sure the auction is still on. Also, find out how payment is made. Also, you will want to check if you can view the unit prior to the auction and if there are any fees to participate.

It is important that you are ready to move the contents of your mini storage unit as soon possible. In addition to the auction terms, you will be required to move the unit’s contents within 24 hours to 48. It’s important to prepare for this by having a truck/van and knowing how much fuel will cost to get it back to you.

If you happen to see your mini storage unit up for sale, don’t attempt to buy the contents back at the auction. Many mini storage managers will let you pay your bill. They’ll also cancel the auction within a few hours. Talk to your manager to see if you can arrange.